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MyOfficeLink can be your one-stop connection to integrated web, and database design.

Our Strategy

MyOfficeLink recognizes that small businesses find it difficult and expensive to maintain in-house technical expertise to keep up with the explosion of web and database technologies, so we decided to assign individuals or teams of experts to projects based on the customer's budget and the technologies needed. The strategy is to use low-cost, pre-built and customizable solutions as a starting point, and then use additional pre-built modules to further customize and scale the design to meet the growing needs of the customer's business.

Advantages To MyOfficeLink Clients

1. Rather than face an open-ended development cost, you can get a personal or business website up and running quickly for a fixed entry-level cost, and if needed, pay an agreed hourly or fixed amount for additional customization.

2. Customers can test drive the pre-built modules before purchase so they know the software, or website under construction, will have a solid core of features that work. Because the customer is constantly in touch with the progress, bug fixes and delays are kept to a minimum.

3. MyOfficeLink provides an option that eliminates hardware, installation, backup and maintenance problems. Ask about our cloud computing and convenient Software as a Service Plan (SaaS), which is great for one-man shops like realtors who don't have the time and resources to be their own IT department, and don't want to buy obsolescing hardware.

4. MyOfficeLink offers online tech support that takes advantage of interactive screen sharing to troubleshoot and perform demonstrations to reduce the learning curve.

5. Customers have access to their own web page for news related to their project, documentation, and upgrades to their software. They also have secure access to check the progress of their project while it is under development, for direction and feedback.

One-on-one or Team Approach

MyOfficeLink cooperates with a team of developers with proven expertise in web and database technologies. Behind the client's website, where the data lives, we provide the powerful MySql-Apache and 4th Dimension web and database servers – all cross-platform for Windows and Mac.

Michael is a degreed accountant and worked for a major university as manager in charge of auditing its electronic data processing systems. Before starting his own software business, he developed numerous database applications for use at the department level and for the university controller's office. Years later, many of these applications are still in use and are relied upon for accurate financial reporting and analysis. He has continued to develop many applications for government agencies and small business, including financial management, order management and contact management systems.

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